About Us
On July 4 2016, we launched DayCampaign.com TM.

With a vision to create a new way for political committees to raise funds online and stay compliant with state and local government regulations and reporting requirements.

DayCampaign.com is a groundbreaking Microsoft Azure cloud based platform keeping Success, Accuracy, Security and Privacy as its main priority, allowing you and your campaign to focus on what really matters most. DayCampaign.com is committed to helping your campaign provide a better fundraising experience. DayCampaign.com pioneered a new technology model with our cloud platform, a new pay-as-you-go business model focused on your committee's success.

DayCampaign.com empowers political committees to connect with their donors in a whole new way and run their fundraising event from their mobile devices, anywhere in real-time.

DayCampaign.com is a Connecticut based company with its developers well versed in campaign finance and its requirements. Daycampaign.com understands that time is valuable and getting compliance right the first time is the goal of many. With DayCampaign.com, we will work with your campaign on collecting and recording campaign contributions in a manner that meets state compliance requirements, by using our site or yours. In addition, DayCampaign.com can integrate your online contributions into required state disclosure reports.

Take the chore out of fundraising and give us a try.

What once used to take weeks can now be accomplished in a day